Tuesday, November 18, 2008

About Nepal

1. Of the world’s ten highest mountains, how many are in Nepal 8
2. Which bird can only be found in Nepal? The spiny babbler
3. According to Hindu tradition, how many wives does the God Krishna have? 16,000
4. The area around Lumbini, the place where Buddha was born, is today predominantly? Muslim
5. Under which part\parva of Mahabharat does the Bhagwad Geeta fall? Bhisma Parva
6. Who actually wrote down the Mahabharat on the paper? Ganesha
7. Selo Nach belongs to which community? Tamang
8. In which day do we celebrate Buddha Jayanti? Baisakh Shukla Purnima
9. What is the name given to Newari priests? Gubhaju
10. What is the name of Araniko’s art style? Paitaste

11. Who ordered to construct Janaki Temple? Tikamgadh’s Queen Brishbhanu devi
12. Who was the 1st Nepali to win Magessesse Prize? Mahesh Chandra Regmi
13. When was National Sports council established? 2017 B.S.
14. When was the first National Sports event held in Nepal? 2038 B.S.
15. What was the mascot of first National Sports event? Danfe
16. In which 2 of the Asian games has Nepal not participated? 1st and 4th
17. When was CAN Cricket Association Nepal? 1946 A.D.
18. When did Nepal join ICC? 1996 A.D.
19. When did Nepal 1st take part in Olympics? 1964, Tokyo, 29th
20. Who was the first Nepali to win Olympic medal? Bidhan Lama

21. Who was Miss Nepal 2003? Preeti Sitaula
22. Which district of Nepal has highest number of gumbas? Solukhumbu
23. What is the Auditor General Folio Number of General Voucher? 10
24. What is the headquarter of Dolpa? Dunai
25. What does the 2 eyes of Swayambhu represent? Karuna- Swagyan-Knowledge
26. Snow leopard is found in which National Park? Sagarmatha
27. Which is the most prestigious prize in Nepal? Mahendra Mala
28. After Krishna killed Kansha who became the King of Mathura? Ugrasen
29. From when did Rs5 and Rs 10 printing start?2016 B.S.
30. When did Nepal got divided into 5 development regions? 2037 B.S.

31. How many districts are there in Narayani zone? 5
32. When was the first Nepali color movie made? 2034 B.S.
33. Which was the mountain on which for the first an international expedition team tried to climb it? Kanchenjunga
34. Mahendra Lake falls on which district? Mugu
35. Which mountain is also known as ‘Killer Mountain’? Manaslu
36. What is the real name of King Janak? Sheerdhwaz
37. How many ‘Purans’ are there? 18
38. What is the vehicle of Goddess Laxmi? Owl
39. When was the first Basketball tournament held in Nepal? 2013 B.S.
40. Which was the first Nepali movie made in Nepal? Aama 2012 B.S.

41. Which was the first movie in Nepali language? Satya Harischandra
42. Which was the first Nepali movie to be kept in the Internet? Badal Pari
43. Which is the first Nepali tele-serial broadcasted on NTV? Prithivi Narayan Shah
44. Where in Nepali can you find the signs of a volcano? Dullu, Dailekh district
45. In which district of the Terai region does the Mahendra Highway not fall? Parsa
46. From when did Gorkhapatra start in Nepal? 1958 B.S., Jestha 3
47. What is the year difference between Nepal Sambat and Bikram Sambat? 936
48. From whose regime were the priests of Pashupatinath appointed as Bhattas? Yakshya Malla
49. At what time did the 1990 B.S. earthquake take place? 2 p.m.
50. When was Radio Nepal established? 1951 A.D., April 1, 2008 B.S. Chaitra 20

51. Who was the first elected P.M. of Nepal? Biseshwor Prasad Koirala
52. Who started the system of using gold coins in Nepal? Rana Bahadur Shah
53. When was Nepal Royal Academy (currently Nepal Academy) established? 2014 B.S., 1957 A.D.
54. When did Nepal join the UN? 14 december 1951
55. When did a separate system of police start in Nepal? 1955 B.S.
56. What is the highest rank in the police force? Chief of police
57. From which language did Nepali language develop? Khaas bhasa
58. Who gave sagarmatha the name of Third Pole? Michael Karg
59. On which range under the Himalayas does Mt. Makalu fall? Kumbhakarna
60. When was the Sugauli treaty signed? 3 march 1816, 1872 B.S.

61. From when did Nepal open for mountaineering? 1949 B.S.
62. Which was the first peak of Nepal, above 8000m, to be climbed? Annapurna I
63. Who started the system of holiday in Saturdays? Bhim Sumsher
64. Who was the king of Nepal when Kot massacre took place? King Rajendra
65. Who was the last Malla king of patan? Tej Narsingh Malla
66. What is the real name of Araniko? Bal Bahu
67. Who was the second P.M. of Rana regime? Ranodeep Singh
68. Which crown price could not be crowned king? Trailokya Bir Bikram Shah
69. From which group did Nepal fight in WW II? Allied
70. When was Nepali Congress Party established? 1946 A.D. oct 13, 2003 magh 12

71. When did Narayanhiti Royal Massacre take place, mention the date and year? Jestha 19 2058
72. Who is considered as the first Martyr of Nepal? Lakhan Thapa
73. When was Nepal Bank established? 1994, kartik 30
74. Who was the first female to win Madan Puraskar? Parizat
75. Who started the system of passport in Nepal? Bhimsen Thapa
76. Who is nicknamed as the ‘Father of Schools’ in Nepal? Padma Sumsher
77. Who is considered as ‘Sringarik Kavi’? Moti Ram Bhatta
78. Who was the last king of gorkha? PN Shah
79. Which were the years in which 1st five year plan was operated? 2013-2018
80. From when did DNA testing start in Nepal? 2061 kartik 19

81. When did King Gyanendra proclaim emergency in Nepal? 2061 Magh 19
82. When did Nepal join WTO? 2004 April 23, 2061 Baisakh 11
83. When did Lumbini University get established? 2062 jestha 13
84. How many places of Nepal are listed in World Heritage Sites list? 10
85. How many percent of land must be covered with forest in a country for environmental balance? 43%
86. What is the average breadth of Nepal? 193 km
87. How many % of the total land of Nepal is taken by the Himalayan region? 35%
88. From where does river Bagmati originate? Baghdwar
89. How many districts of Nepal are bordered with India only? 24
90. How many districts of Nepal are bordered with India and china? 2

91. how many states of India does Nepal border with? 5
92. Which is the district with highest number of lakes? Kaski
93. How many National Parks are there in Nepal? 9
94. How many mountains are there in Nepal above 8000m? 10
95. Which is the district with maximum number of airport? Solukhumbu
96. Which is the lake situated at the highest altitude and what is its height? Tilicho 4919
97. How many districts are proclaimed as tea estates or tea zones of Nepal? 5 (Illam, tehrathum, jhapa, panchthar, dhankuta)
98. How much % of area has Nepal occupied of Asia? 0.3%
99. Which is the lowest place in Nepal from sea level? Kechanakalam, 70m, Jhapa
100. Which district is known as “The Kashmir of Nepal’? Jumla due to apples

101. Which is the largest lake in Kathmandu valley? Tau Daha, chobhar
102. In how many parts or divisions is the Hilly region divided? 3 Churia, Mahabharat, Midland
103. What is the nickname given to Saptakoshi in India? Sorrow of Bihar
104. How many seasons are there in Nepali calendar? 6
105. Which is the largest wild life reserve? Parsa wildlife reserve
106. How many strings are there in a ‘SARANGI’? 4
107. What are the five instruments of ‘PANCHEBAJA’? Damaha, tyamko, sanai, jhyali, narsimha
108. Which is the biggest instrument played in the ‘Panchebaja’? damaha
109. When was Privatization Act made in Nepal? 2050 B.S., Mangsir 19
110. Who established the ‘Chinnalata Geet Puraskaar’? Ramola Devi Shah

111. What is the present value of ‘Madan Puraskar’? 2 lacs
112. Which literary work first received the ‘Sajha Puraskar’? Ghumne Mech Maathi Andho Maanche
113. In how many year interval is the ‘Prithive Pragya Puraskar’ given? 5/5
114. From when does the modern time of Nepali Language start? 1955 B.S.
115. From when does the modern time of Nepali Literature start? 1990 B.S>
116. Which was the year when Prithivi Narayan Shah gave his Divine intervention? 1825 B.S.
117. When was Nepal Television established? 2042 B.S.
118. What is the vehicle of ‘BHAIRABA’? Dog
119. Who wrote the book ‘Ganga Gauri’? Lekhnath Poudyal
120. Who wrote the book ‘Akshar Mala’? Jaya Prithivi Bahadur Singh
121. Who wrote the book ‘Mero Pratibimba’? Siddhicharan Shrestha
122. When was the ministry of environment established? 2053 B.S.
123. Who was the Prime Minister of Nepal during WW I? Chandra Sumsher
124. What is the name of the elephant of Indra? Airawat
125. What are the 4 vedas? Wrig, Ajur, Sam, Atharva
126. What is the name of the dance that Lord Shiva performs? Tandav
127. Which highway is linked with the places Naubise to Pokhara? Prithvi Highway
128. Which country is the largest importer of skin from Nepal? Italy

Part ii]

1. The river which flows the high altitude is situated in Nepal. What is the name of the river?
Arun river
2. From which year did Nepalese Army started participating in UN Peace keeping Force?
2015 B.S.
3. Maoist Insregy in Nepal started from Which year?
2051 B.S.
4. Sabhamukh Subaschandra Nemwang belongs to which political party?
Nepal Communist Party (UML)
5. Give the total population of Nepal according to the census 2058 B.S.
6. Who brought the system of celebrating the festival “Gai Jatra”?
Jagat Prakash Malla
7. What is the rank of Nepal in Human Development Nations?
8. Who sang the song ‘Himalako kakh ma cha sano mero gaun, Parbatki chori hun ma parbati mero naum’?

Tara Devi
9. How much % of the total land of Nepal is occupied by Himalayan Region?
10. Who is Known as ‘Etihash Siromani’?
BabuRam Acharya
11. When was Rotatry club established?
5th Marga 2015 B.S.
12. When was the publication of “The Rising Nepal” started?
2022 B.S.
13. Who was the first women pilot of Nepal?
Rakshya Rana
14. For how many days did the Jannandolan II occurred?
19 Days
15. ‘Kusi Aunsi’ is celebrated as which festival?
Father’s Day
16. School Leavng Certificate S.L.C. was started By which Rana Prime Minister?
Juddha Shumsher
17. In which year, Manakamana Cable Car was estabilished?
2055 B.S.
18. What is the Nepali name of David’s Fall?
Patale Chango
19. Which is the most popular Folk Musical instrument?
20. What is the actual name of Birab Aryal?
Tirthanath Aryal

21. In which foreign Language Nepali Novel ‘Seto Bagh’ was translated?
22. In which district, the least rainfall occues annually?
23. Which Rana Prime Minister established Central Zoo?
Juddha Shumsher
24. Which Durbar is known as ‘Nowoche Durbar’?
HanumanDhoka Durbar
25. How many zones only touches the Boarder China?
26. In which district of the Kathmandu valley, Katuwal daha is situated?
27. Where is the headquater of Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation?
Ghandruk, Pokhara
28. Which 3 Article of Part II of the Interin Constitution of Nepal deals with Citizenship of Nepal?
8, 9 & 10
29. Which Bird is only found in Nepal? Specify Nepali name.
Kaade Bhyakur
30. Who is known as ‘Jana Kabi Kesari’?
Dharma Raj Thapa
31. Which king is known as ‘G Shah’?
King Gyanendra
32. Who is first Miss Nepal?
Ruby Rana
33. What is the recent name of ‘Gograha’?
34. What is another name of “Gauri Shankar Himal”?
35. Name two religious places in Nepal Which is situated above 12000 feet.
Mukhtinath and Gosaikunda
36. In which district does Lake Gaduwa is situated?
37. How long is East-west highway?
1030 Km
38. What is name of Nepal’s first daily Newspaper?
39. Who is the first foreign minister of Nepal?
Mohan Shumsher
40. In which year did the referendum of 2036 B.S. took place?
20 Baishakh 2037 B.S.
41. Who wrote the book ‘Ma’?
Balkrishna Sama

Ø N.B : Round 1 : Home Round
The questions will be based on Nepal. There are two sub rounds. The questions are transferable. Each question is worth ten points. If a question is answered incorrectly by a team, it will be transferred to the corresponding team. The transferred questions are worth 5 points.


1. In which month is Lady Day (UK)? March
2. A mahout is a person who works with and rides what? Elephants
3. Cartomancy is fortune-telling using what? Playing cards
4. Aioli is mayonnaise seasoned with what? Garlic
5. What type of creature is an Eland? Antelope
6. What does UNICEF stand for? United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund
7. What color are the flowers of the harebell? Blue
8. Wild majoram is another name for which herb? Oregano
9. Which insect lives in a formicary? Ant
10. What is Sir Alan Sugar's charter airline called? Amsair

11. Lupine relates to which animals? Wolves
12. What types of nuts are used to make marzipan? Almond
13. What type of fruit is a Bergamot? Pear
14. What is the offspring of a donkey and a horse called? A mule
15. Arctic King, Saladin and Tom Thumb are which types of vegetable? Lettuce
16. What is a baby oyster called? A Spat
17. What is the largest flat fish species? Halibut
18. In architecture, what is a lancet? A window
19. A methuselah of wine holds the equivalent of how many bottles? Eight
20. Launched in 1960, what was the name of the first US communications satellite? Echo 1

21. Who invented jeans? Levi Strauss
22. How many labours were performed by Hercules? Twelve
23. What is the birthstone for April? Diamond
24. What type of creature is a Garibaldi? A fish
25. What color is the gemstone garnet? Red (dark red)
26. Which sign of the Zodiac are people born on 30th October? Scorpio
27. What type of weapon is a Falchion? A sword
28. What type of food is Quark? Cheese
29. What is the collective noun for a group of crows? A murder
30. What famous London building is officially called No. 1 One Canada Square? Canary Wharf Tower

31. What was the nuclear power station Sellafield previously known as? Windscale
32. What is a 'half-hunter'? A type of pocket watch
33. How tall is the Leaning Tower of Pisa? 190 feet (58 meters)
34. In the UK military what does SAS stand for? Special Air Service
35. On which part of the body would you wear a sabot? Foot (it's a wooden shoe)
36. What type of creature is an avadavat? Bird
37. What is the name of the substance used for clarifying beer or wine? Fining
38. Who would be put into a panoptican? Prisoners (it's a circular prison with a hollow core in which the guard sits)
39. What is the birth stone for November? Topaz
40. Pershore, Victoria and Washington are types of which fruit? Plum

41. P&O, the shipping line, stands for what? Peninsular and Oriental
42. What is the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain more popularly known as? Eros
43. What type of creature is an alewife? A fish .
44. What is the metal or plastic end of a shoelace called? An aglet
45. What is the main vegetable ingredient in the dish Borsht? Beetroot
46. How many years of marriage is celebrated on the Ivory anniversary? Fourteen
47. What is the mouthpiece of a recorder called? A fipple
48. What does the selling acronym AIDA stand for? Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
49. Who developed the 'Equity Theory' of job motivation in the 1960's? J Stacey Adams
50. What does the financial abbreviation P&L stand for? Profit and Loss (Profit and Loss Account)

51. The Ansoff matrix correlates what two aspects of business development from the 'new' and 'existing' perspectives? Products and Markets
52. In business accounts and financial reporting, expenses which change according to scale of performance or usage or demand are known as what? Variable Costs
53. What does the accounting acronym FIFO mean? First In First Out
54. One of the most effective and efficient forms of marketing is abbreviated to the initials WOM; what is it? Word Of Mouth
55. What does the SWOT stand for in SWOT analysis? Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
56. What are the 'Four Functional Types' within Carl Jung's theory? Thinking, Feeling, Sensation, Intuition
57. Who was the world’s first billionaire? John D Rockefeller
Which historical figure said ‘It requires more courage to suffer than to die’? Napolean
59. What is a male duck called? Drake

N.B This questions may appear mainly in the Home round.

Science and technology

Science and Technology
1. In anatomy what are the nates? Buttocks
2. Latten is an alloy of which two metals? Copper and Zinc
3. What is ascorbic acid commonly known as? Vitamin C
4. What is a negatively charged electrode called? Cathode
5. A terawatt is how many megawatts? A million
6. What is decompression sickness commonly known as? The Bends
7. What is the green pigment found in most plants that is responsible for absorbing light energy? Chlorophyll
8. What does 'E' represent in E = MC2? Energy
9. What is the chemical symbol for the element Potassium? K
10. In the human body what is the Axilla commonly known as? The armpit

11. What is a belonophobia fear? Fear of Needles
12. What is the plant hamamelis commonly known as? Witch hazel
13. Who discovered the rabies vaccination? Louis Pasteur (1885)
14. How many hearts does an octopus have? Three
15. What is the medical term for the shoulder blade? Scapula
16. What did Tim Berners Lee invent? The Internet (or the World Wide Web)
17. Haptic relates to which of the five senses? Touch
18. If a creature is edentulous what has it not got? Teeth
19. In the human body what is Varicella commonly known as? Chicken Pox
20.What psychological methodology does NLP stand for? Neuro-Linguistic Programming

21. What is psychometrics? The science of measuring (or testing) personality type (or mental abilities)
22.What is the largest artery in the human body? The aorta
23.What poisonous chemical element has the atomic number 33? Arsenic
24.What is Hansen's disease commonly known as? Leprosy
25.In which organ of the body is insulin produced? (Pancreas)
26.What is the speed of sound at sea level called? MACH 1
27.What is aquaculture the scientific name for? Fish Farming
28.What is the boiling point of water in Farenheight? 212
29.What on an animal is a Scut? Tail
30.What are the young of eels called? Elver

31. What in medicine is Pathology? The Study of Diseases
32.How many Noble gases are there? Six
33.What is the largest type of shark? Whale shark
34.Which disease is characterised by spasmodic contraction of muscles is also called Lockjaw? Tetanus
35.The sternum is the medical name for what? Breastbone
36.In which organ of the body is the pineal gland? Brain
37.What type of clock was first introduced by the US National Bureau of Standards in 1949? Atomic Clock (Mollecular)
38.Which organ is inflamed when one is suffering from Nephritis? Kidney
39.From the hue of which tree do the Blue Mountains in Australia receive their name? Eucalyptus
40.What is the better-known Australian relative of the cassowary? Emu

41. What type of creature is a Basilisk? Lizard
42.What is the more common name for the Fireweed? Rose Bay willowherb
43.What is the common name for the Araucaria tree? Monkey Puzzle
44.What is the common name for Hypermetropia? Long Sightedness
45.What is the S.I. Unit of Force? Newton
46.W is the symbol for which chemical element? Tungsten
47.Which planet has an orbital period of 687 days? Mars
48.What is the more common term used to denote a temperature of nought degrees Kelvin? Absolute Zero
49.Who was the first pilot to exceed the speed of sound? Charles Yeager
50.What is thanatology the scientific study of? Death

51. Silk thread is obtained from silkworm during which stage? Pupal
52.Cholera is caused by which parasite? Vibrio cholera (bacteria)
53.Respiration in bacteria is due to : mesosomes
54.In meiosis cell division, chromosome replicates in which phase? Interphase
55.The functional group of –COOH is? acidic or carboxyl
56.Malaria is spread by which mosquito? Female anopheles
57.Who is known as father of biology? Aristotle
58.what is the resolving power of human eye? 0.1mm
59.who discovered cell? Robert Hooke
60.Which is the hardest part of the human body? Teeth enamel

61. what is the branch of science dealing with microscopic anatomy of tissue?Histology
62.there was no life on earth in which era? Azoic
63.which part of the body inflames when one suffers from nephritis? Kidney
64.how many noble gases have been discovered? 6
65.which part of physics deals with the study of sound? Acoustics
66.which is the only muscle in a human body which is attached to only one end? Tongue
67.what is the science of generation called? Genesiology
68.what is the full form of DDT? Dichloro diphenyl Trichloroethane
69.what is another name of mercury? Quick silver
70.Nitrous oxide is also known as what gas? Laughing gas

71. how far is the sun from the centre of the galaxy? 30000 light years
72.how much is one light year in terms of km? 9.46 x 10^12
73.which is the largest known flower? Giant Rafflesia
74.Which creature has the maximum number of ribs? Snake
75.which bird never touches the ground? European swift
76.how much is a snails pace? 23 inches per hour
77.which unit measures wine? Hogshead
78.what unit is used to measure water depths? Fathom
79.which bird can look directly into the sun? eagle
80.who invented contact lenses? A.E. Fick

81. which country has the maximum number of TB patients? India
82.which element has the smallest atom? Helium
83.at what temperature does centigrade and farenheit thermometers read the same? 40 degrees
84.name the apparatus used to measure blood pressure? Sphygmomanometer
85.which animal looks like small camels without humps? Lamas
86.what material constitutes our nails? Keratin
87.which are the two mammals which lay eggs? Duck billed platypus and echidna
88.what is the speed at which earth rotates? 1500 km\hr
89.what is the oil in onions that causes us to cry while we peel it? Allyl
90.who was the frist psychologist to determine a scale for measuring intelligence? Alfred Binet

91. how many nerve cells are there in a human brain? 10^10
92.in what form is glucose stored in liver? Glycogen
93. how many toes does a rhino have in each foot? 3
94. name the world’s largest butterfly. Queen Alexander’s birdwing of New Guinea
95. what is the ratio of heart to chest wall? 1:2
96. what does an eidolist believe in? ghost
97. what is the speed of lightning in miles\sec? 87000 miles/sec
98. which hyenas don’t laugh? Striped hyena
99. which south American snake is called water boa? Anaconda
100. which country first made bread with yeast? Egypt

101. which is the world’s longest animal? Bootlace worm
102. what is the name of the nerve which transmits sense of smell? Olfactory nerve
103. Which two planets orbits cross each other? Pluto & Uranus
104. What is an equinox? Days and nights are equal
105. What is the speed at which earth rotates? 1600 km\hr
106. How much is one cosmic year in terms of earth years? 250 million yrs
107. What kind of lens is a magnifying glass? Convex
108. What is the word for Fear of Marriage? Gamophobia
109. With which device are earthquakes recorded? [seismograph]
110. What are Alpha Centauri and Sirius? [stars

111. What is the most common blood type in humans? [Type O]
112. What is Triskadekaphobia? [Fear of the number 13]
113. What is the full form of USG medically speaking? Ultra sono grahphy
114. What is the boiling point of water in Farenheight? 212
115. Which metal is most reactive with water? Potassium
116. How many species of birds have been found in the Parsa Wildlife reserve? 300
117. what is the average speed of a walking man? 6 km/hr
118. What is the full form of ORT? Oral Rehydration therapy
119. What is another name for the disease Hydrophobia? Rabies
120. Which scientist is also known as ‘Wizard of the Menlo Par’? Thomas Alva Edison

121. Why is WBC colourless? Absence of haemoglobin
122. Who invented battery? Volta
123. What causes tsunamis? Underwater earthquakes
124. Name the part of the body which grows the quickest until you are five. Brain
125. How many legs does a fly have? 10
126. Which organism never closes its eyes? Fish
127. Which animal has no eye lids? Snakes
128. What is the full form of DNA? De-oxy Ribonucleic Acid
129. Which is the oldest metal known to man? Copper
130. Who invented the Polio Vaccination? Dr. Jonas Salk

131. What is the normal temperature of human body in Centigrades? 36.9
132. Which is the longest snake in the world? Fragnant Flowar
133. Which animal changes its color Red in summer and White in winter? Arman
134. Which bird can directly see the sun? eagle
135. What is a ditch on the moon called? Crater
136. What is the instrument that measures current flowing in a wire? Ammeter
137. Which planet has the shortest day? Jupiter
138. What is the full form of FM? Frequency Modulator
139. Which animal has the largest teeth? Elephant
140. what is the study of lizards called? Saurology

141. In which direction in the sky do we see Mars? South
142. How many light years is equal to 1 parsec? 3.26
143. Halley’s comet appears after how many years? 76
144. What is the constellation which has the shape of a hunter? Origin
145. Which is the hottest planet? Venus
146. What are the first two bones of the vertebral column? Axis and Atlas
147. Which was the first discovered asteroid? Ceres
148. Name the tallest living tree? Sequoia
149. Botanically is tomato a fruit or a vegetable. Fruit
150. Which star is also called as Dog Star? Sirius

151. Which star does not appear to change its position to the earth? Pole star North Pole
152. How long does the sun stay in each zodiacal constellation during a year? 1 month
153. How many constellations are known to us? 88
154. Name the scientist who invented dynamo. Michael Faraday
155. What is the percentage of salt in sea water? 3.5
156. What is the mouth of a volcano called? Crater
157. What is the first law of motion also called? Law of Inertia
158. How many columns are there in the periodic table? 18
159. Who is known as the Father of Economics? Adam Smith
160. What is the use of an astrometer? Speed of light from various stars

161. What is the study of fossils called? Paleontology.
162. What is the life span of a yellow star like the sun? 10 billon years
163. What is the practice of determining the age of rocks called? Geochronology

Set 2
1. The Egyptian god Anubis had the head of which animal? – A Jackal
2. Which compound’s name originated from a gum taken from plants growing near the temple of Ammon? – Ammonia
3. Which process causes bread to rise and produce bubbles in beer? – Fermentation
4. What is the scientific study of soil called? – pedology
5. Nitro-glycerin is the chief element used in which powerful explosive? – Dynamite
6. What is the group name for fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine? – Halogen, meaning salt producers
7. Which common metamorphic rock is formed by the crystallization of limestone? –Marble
8. Which valuable anaesthetic is obtained by heating alcohol with sulphuric acid? – Ether
9. Which white malleable metal has the highest known electrical conductivity? – Silver
10. Name the scientific study of rocks, their mineral composition, texture, occurrence and origin. – Petrology
11. What type of camera was invented by Edwin Land? – Polaroid
12. Ptolemy’s invention, the astrolabe, was used for what purpose? – Navigation
13. What signal does a flag relay when it is flown upside down? – Distress signal
14. In physics what unit is used in measuring electrical resistance? – Ohm
15. Green color is due to the presence of chromium oxide in which gemstone? – The emerald
16. Name the three main groups of squirrels? Ground, tree and flying squirrel
17. Copper is alloyed with which metal to form brass? – Zinc
18. By what process of heating is a solid directly converted into gas without going through a liquid state? – Sublimation
19. What is salt containing hydrogen called? – Acid salt
20. Name the smallest human bone. – The stirrup bone in the ear

21. What oily substance is obtained from coniferous trees like terebinth? –Turpentine
22. Which is the most useful of all minerals known to man? – Sodium chloride or table salt
23. Give the common name for the mineral nephrite? – Jade
24. Give the chemical name for saltpeter. – Potassium nitrate
25. Which dark red non-poisonous powder is used to make matchstick heads? – Red phosphorous
26. What is the chemical name for baking powder? – sodium bicarbonate
27. What is the study of carbon compounds (excluding its simpler compounds) called? – Organic chemistry
28. What is the study of the nose and its diseases called? – Rhinology
29. What is the temperature at which vapor pressure of a liquid equal atmospheric pressure called? – Boiling point
30. The gravure method is found in which technology? – Printing
set 2

Who propounded the theory of relativity?
Albert Einstein
Which is the instrument used for measuring altitude?
What is the study of birds' eggs
Who discovered Radioactivity
Henry Bacquerel
What is the instrument used to measure the relative humidity of air
Who invented Barometer
Who discovered the existence of isotopes
Frederick Soddy
Who invented Dynamo
Michael Faraday
What was Galileo's first scientific discovery?
Who invented Crescograph
J.C. Bose
Who is known as the father of modern Biology?
What is the smallest flowering plant?
Who discovered the four blood groups?
Karl Landsteiner
What is the unit of loudness?
What are fruits that are formed without fertilization called?
1. Parthenocarpic
What is the largest tree in the world?
Seguoia Gigantica
What is the study of reptiles known as?-
What is the study of insects known as?
What is the study of birds known as
What is the study of bones known as?
1. Osteology

Current Affairs

Current Affair Questions

1. Who won the silver medal in the recently concluded Asian Martial Arts Games in Manila? - Tham Bahadur Bahik of Nepal International Taekwondo Federation

2. Who is the Nepali Ambassador to the Russian Federation? - Surya Kiran Gurung

3. Who is the Nepali Ambassador to Denmark? - Bijaya Kanta Karna

4. What is the name of the lady German Chancellor? - Angela Merkel.

5. Which country recently readjusted its national time clock? - Venezuela

6. What is the name of the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia backed by President Vladmir Putin to be the presidential candidate to replace him? - Dmitry Medvedev

7. What is the name of the disgraced media mogul recently jailed in the US for defrauding his company Hollinger International? - Conrad Black

8. How many teams got disqualified in the ACC U-15 Cricket Tournament? - 7

9. What is the name of the United Nations human rights office in Nepal? - Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

10. Which classic rock band recently reunited for a concert in England? - Led Zepplin

11. Who is the new manager of England’s national football team? - Fabio Capello

12. Who is the contender against President Thabo Mubeki in the African National Congress leadership race? - Jacob Zuma the ANC-‘s vice president

13. What is the name of the new bank founded by seven South American governments to rival the IMF and the World Bank? - Bank of the South

15th Asian games was held in
Beijing Doha Tehran Seoul Correct Answer is (b) UK" name=raf>
How many countries participated in the 15th Asian games held in Doha
42 43 44 45 Correct Answer is (c) Mr. Bill Clinton" name=raf>
How many games were covered 15th Asiad ?
33 36 39 42 Correct Answer is (d) 45" name=raf>
Bolly wood superstar Amitabh Bachan was honoured with an honorary Doctorate by
Delhi University Shivaji University Jawaharlal Nehru University Allahabad University
How many games were covered 15th Asiad ?
33 36 39 42 Correct Answer is (d) 45" name=raf>

( Take it in comparison to last years2007-2008. The current affairs for this year question will no be guided)


1. England coaches Sammy Lee and Ray Clemence played together at which club? Liverpool
2. How many places were allocated to African teams for the 2006 World Cup? Five
3. Which manager first appointed David Beckham as England captain? Peter Taylor (for Taylor's one match in charge as caretaker manager, versus Italy in November 2000)
4. In what World Cup did the England goals by Mariner, Robson and Francis feature in games against France, Czechoslovakia and Kuwait? Spain 1982
5. Who was England's first national team manager? Walter Winterbottom (1946-63)
6. Who was the first £100,000 football transfer? Dennis Law (from Torino Manchester United in 1962)
7. Where was the 1962 World Cup held? Chile
8. What height and width is a football goal? Eight feet high (2.4m) and eight yards wide (7.3m)
9. In what decade was England's first national team manager appointed? 1940's (1946 - Walter Winterbottom)
10. What is the minimum rest period between two games for any team at the 2006 World Cup according to FIFA competition rules? 48 hours
11. How many places were allocated to European teams for the 2006 World Cup, including the hosts Germany? Fourteen
12. What decade was the crossbar introduced in Football? 1870's (1875)
13. Who was the first football transfer over £10m between English clubs? Alan Shearer (Blackburn to Newcastle in 1996)
14. FIFA's 2006 World Cup rules dictate a squad size of how many players? Twenty-three
15. Where was the 1998 World Cup held? France
16. It is said that an international football match in 1969 started a war between which two nations in the central Americas? El Salvador v Honduras
17. Where are the headquarters of FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association)? Zurich, Switzerland.
18. Which two teams played in the first FA Cup Final at the original Wembley Stadium? Bolton Wanderers and West Ham
19. Which tennis player was stabbed while playing against Steffi Graf in Hamburg 1993? Monica Seles
20. Which team was the first to score a 'Golden Goal' in the soccer World Cup Finals? France

21. From which type of wood are cricket bats traditionally made? Willow
22. Which team won the 2006 Superbowl? Pittsburgh Steelers
23. How many times in succession did Bjorn Borg win the Men's Tennis Singles at Wimbledon? Five
24. How many players are there in an Australian Rules football team? Eighteen
25. From which club did Michael Ballack come to Chelsea? Bayern Munich
26. Which country won the “Ashes Series 2005”? England
27. Against which country did Sachin Tendulkar score his first century? England
28. In which sport is there a caddy? – Golf
29. Who is called the “Golden bear” in the field of sports? Jack Nicklaus
30. Who is known as the “Golden Girl”? – P.T. Usha

31. Which Indian cricketer has written the book “One day Wonders”? Sunil Gavaskar
32. What is the name of the instrument used instead of a ball in the game of Ice Hockey? – Puck
33. The 'Green Jacket' is presented to the winner of which sporting event? US MASTERS
34. From what bridge does the Oxford/Cambridge boat race start? Putney
35. In what sport do players take long and short corners? HOCKEY
36. What is the real name of Pele? Edson Arantes do Nascimento
37. Give the nationality and the team (2003) of Fernando Alonso, the youngest-ever grand prix winner? Spanish & Renault
38. What is the 'perfect score' in a game of Ten Pin Bowling? 300
39. Which current premier league football team had an obsolete nickname of the Glaziers? Crystal Palace
40. What is the highest-achievable break in snooker? 155 (one free ball, one black then full 147 break)

41. In Scrabble how many letters have a value of 2? Two ("D and G")
42. What is the name of the poker hand containing three of a kind and a pair? Full house
43. In the game of draughts, how many men does a player start with? 12
44. What are the small indentations on a golf ball called? [dimples]
45. What is 'Tiger' Woods's first name? [Eldrick]
46. Clean, Jerk, and Snatch are terms used in which activity? [weight lifting]
47. When was the first Asian games held? 1951 AD
48. Which city has hosted the most number of Asian games? Bangkok
49. What is the motto of Asian games? “Ever Onward”
50. From which year did Nepal start participating in the Olympic Games?1964 AD

51. What is the national game of Australia? Aussie Rules Football
52. What is the national game of China? Table Tennis
53. What is the national game of Japan? Judo
54. What is the national game of USA? Baseball
55. Where will the 2010 World Cup Football be held? South Africa
56. Karate was originated in which country? Japan
57. Taekwando was originated in which country? Korea
58. When did Pele retire from International Football?1977 AD
59. Which English Premiere League (EPL) club has OLD TRAFFORD as home ground? Manchester United
60. Which English Premier League (EPL) club is known as “The Gunners”? Arsenal

61. Jose Mourinho is the manager of which English Premiere League (EPL) club? Chelsea
62. Vijay Singh, US Masters Champion, is the resident of which country? Fiji
63. How many hurdles are there in men’s 110m race?10 hurdles
64. Who was the first unseeded player to win the men’s singles at Wimbledon? Boris Becker in 1985
65. Since which year, football referees got to use Red and Yellow cards?1970
66. Which is always the first event at men’s Decathlon?100 meters
67. How many rounds are there in Olympic boxing round? Four rounds
68. Who was the youngest player to win Wimbledon by beating Jana Novotna in 1997?Martina Hinges
69. In Tennis calendar which is always the third grand slam?Wimbledon
70. Who won six gold medals in swimming at the Athens Olympics in 2004?Michael Phelps

71. Who is the youngest winner of formula 1 grand prix? fernando Alonso
72. Whom and when did Brazil beat to win World Cup Football for the first time?Sweden in 1985
73. Where was Portuguese player Deco born? Brazil
74. Who is the highest scorer in a match in NBA history? Kobe Bryant
75. Who became the most valuable player in 2005 NBA series? – Dwayne Wade
76. Who became man of the match in the recently held ACC premier league 3 day cricket tournament in Nepal against Singapore? – Mehboob Allam
77. After Baikuntha Manandhar, who has won three consecutive gold medals for Nepal in SAF games?- Deepak Bista (Taekwondo)
78. In which marathon is lance Armstrong going to participate? – New York Marathon
79. How many times have lance Armstrong won Tour de France title? 7
80. In which position did Valentino Rossi finished in the last Moto GP race of 2006? 13th

81. Who holds the highest number of unbeaten record in clay court in Tennis history? – Rafael Nadal
82. Who became Moto GP world champion of 2006? – Nicky Hayden
83. Who did Roger Federer defeated in Sanghai Tennis Master’s cup 2006? – Andy Roddick
84. Who won the ICC referee of the year award 2006? – Simon Tauffel
85. Who is the only non- Australian in the top four list of player for most catches? – Brian Lara
86. What is the highest total number of runs made by both team in an ODI match? – 872 (434+438)
87. What is the highest number of individual runs ever made in an ODI match? – 194
88. Who was the first player to be changed with positive drooping test in cricket history? – Shane Warne
89. In which country was England player Kevin Peterson born? – South Africa
90. Who became Man of the Series in ICC Champions 2006? – Chris Gayle

91. Who won the European Formula 1 Grand prix in 2006? – Michael Schumacher
92. Which country is Ferrari’s Formula 1 rider Felipe Massa from? – Brazil
93. What was the number of continuous formula 1 GP victories for Fernando Alonso which was ended by Michael Schumacher after winning United States Formula 1 grand prix in 2006? – 4
94. For which team did Thiery Henry played prior to joining Asenal? Juventus
95. Who is the oldest player to score in English Premier League? – Teddy Sheringham
96. Where was FIFA World Cup 2006 final match between France and Italy played? – Allianz Arena
97. Who was the top scorer of World Cup 2006? – Miroslav Klose
98. Which Portuguese football club did Christiano Ronaldo played before joining Manchester United? – Sporting Lisbon
99. What is the full form of AC Milan Football Club? – Associazione Calcio Milan Football Club
100. Which club won the FA Cup title last season? – Liverpool

101. Which club won the English Premier League title last season? – Chelsea
102. Which club won the Spanish Premier League title last season? – Barcelona
103. Which club own the Italian Premier League title last season? – Juventus
104. In which sport might you see the two teams defending goals of different sizes? Water Polo (the goal in the shallow end can be higher)
105. Who became World Professional Snooker Champion for the first time in 2006? Graeme Dott
106. If you were at the brickyard, what sport would you be watching? Motor Racing (The Indianapolis 500)
107. By what name is the professional wrestler Mark Calaway better known? The Undertaker
108. What non-mechanical sport achieves the highest speeds? Sky-diving
109. What is the longest athletic race in the Olympic Games? Men`s 50 km walk (31.5 miles)
110. Which sportsman`s autobiography is called `My Side`? David Beckham`s

111. What is the highest score a judge can award in figure skating? 6
112. Which footballer is nicknamed `The Baby Faced Assassin`? Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
113. How many times can a volleyball be touched by one team before it crosses the net? 3
114. What is the sum of all the numbers round a dartboard? 210
115. How many balls are on a snooker table at the start of a game? 22
116. In which sport are competitors forbidden to play left handed? Polo
117. Who declared the 1936 Olympics officially open? Adolf Hitler
118. What kind of sport is the game of futsal? Indoor football
119. How is the sport of tauromancy better known? Bull fighting
120. How long is a hockey pitch? 60 yards, 80 yards or 100 yards? 100 yards

121. Excluding the ball (which has a core made from cork), how many pieces of wooden equipment are necessary for a game of cricket? 12 (6 stumps, 4 bails & 2 bats)
122. How many players are there in a baseball team? 9

Set 2
1. Who was captain of Brazil’s football team when they won the world cup in 1970? – Alberto Carlos
2. Which race over 200 laps is started with the words, "Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines"? – The Indianapolis 500
3. What is the most common distance of a drag race? – A quarter of a mile (or 1320ft or 402m)
4. In which sport would you go to a Basho? – Sumo wrestling
5. Who was the first unseeded player to win the men's singles at Wimbledon? – Boris Becker in 1985
6. One Soviet Bloc country participated in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Which one? – Romania
7. Which cyclists have won the Tour de France five times? - Jacques Anquetil, Lance Armstrong, Bernard Hinault, Miguel Indurain, Eddie Merckx
8. What is South America's equivalent of the Champions League called? – Copa Libertadores
9. Brazil has been world football champions more times than any other nation. Whom did they beat to become World Champions the first time? - Sweden, in Sweden, 1958.
10. In which sport would you see a “Tsukahara”? - Gymnastics; it's a type of vault
11. What is the difference between a men's and a women's lacrosse team? – A men’s team has ten players, a women’s has twelve.
12. Which weapons are used in Women's fencing? - Foil, epee and sabre, although until 1989 only the foil was used in world championships
13. Who was Formula One World Champion first: Graham Hill or Jim Clark? – Graham Hill in 1962 and 1968. Jim Clark in 1963 and 1965
14. Who was the first gymnast to score a maximum 10 points (seven 10s) in the Olympics? – Nadia Comaneci in 1976
15. With which game would you associate the names of Mikhail Botvinnik, Alexander Alekhine, and José Capablanca? – Chess
16. In which alpine resort were the first ever Winter Olympics held in 1924? – Chamonix

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